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IntoRush offers quality Russian written translations to its clients.  This service is in demand by enterprises and private companies who want to establish channels of communication with foreign partners, to translate medical, technical and other documents. On the basis of our practice we can say that this is a highly demanded service, the future of business, business success, career, etc. depends on the quality of its performance. During the work our employees avoid any inaccuracies, correctly operating terminology, translating specific expressions with full adaptation in the chosen language pair.


Localization goes beyond the linguistic literal conversion that characterizes traditional translation. Instead, it uses words and phrases that resonate with a specific market. With this regionally adapted translation, you will gain the interest and trust of your customers. You not only literally speak their language, but most importantly, you speak like a local person. That is why in intorush localization is paid attention not only by translators, but by experts with many years of experience in it.

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Transcreation is an activity at the intersection of translation and copywriting. Such work combines both translation and creativity. 
Important in this special type of translation is the orientation on the target audience. Of course, any translation in one way or another takes into account the final recipient: the translator always remembers who his text is addressed to: the user of the device or the reader of a scientific journal. But transcreation also implies reworking the original text. The difference between the original and the final product can end up being significant.

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Interpreting is the accurate translation of information from one language to another. We provide services of consecutive, simultaneous interpretation online. Our main priorities in interpreting services are: professionalism of interpreters, experience and thorough preparation. The interpreter's duty is to help the client overcome not only linguistic but also cultural barriers.

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Notarized translation is the translation of documents with notarization. This service is also called notarized translation or translation of documents with notarization. It becomes necessary in business trips, in solving business problems abroad, for obtaining visas, registration of citizenship and in other situations, when it is necessary to confirm that the translation of papers was made by a professional.
It is also worth noting that the notarial translation involves the confirmation of the authenticity of the translator's signature, not the correctness or reliability of the text itself. The notary is not a translator and he cannot proofread and edit the text. It is best to go to a specialized translation company as IntoRush with notarization. This guarantees the quality of the translation and saves you the time of going to the notary.

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Proofreading is a thorough check of the text you have written before sending it to the client. You need to check everything: the overall impression from reading, the correctness of the division into paragraphs, the presence of various kinds of errors, typos, as well as the percentage of uniqueness. Proofreading should not be neglected even by experienced copywriters, and even more so by beginners. Like checking the uniqueness, manual and program proofreading is not an empty formality, but a necessary working tool. To be sure of the correctness of the text, professional proofreading should only be handled by an experienced language expert. That is why IntoRush has gathered Russian language proofreading professionals on its team.

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